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Conditions of Service
Every electricity distributor in Ontario must have its own “Conditions of Service” document to communicate its operating practices, the types and level of service available to customers within its service area, and its connection policies. From time to time, changes occur to the Conditions of Service and are listed and described in a Record of Changes document (available below). Cooperative Hydro Embrun's previous Conditions of Service which were written back in 2007 and no longer reflected new industry practices and recent rules and policies issued by the regulator the Ontario Energy Board “OEB”. The utility therefore opted to rewrite its entire Conditions of Service to meet the needs of customers and to keep pace with the OEB’s regulatory requirements.  Going forward, Cooperative Hydro Embrun commits to reviewing and revising, if deemed necessary, its conditions of service on an ongoing and regular basis.
For a summary of changes, please see “Record of Change” below. For full details of the Record of Change, please see the “Blackline” version of the document which compares the original version to the new proposed version of the documents and displays only what changed between them:
Cooperative Hydro Embrun’s Conditions of Service document is aimed at residential and commercial customers, contractors, developers, generators, and the suppliers who conduct business with the utility on a regular basis. The document includes information on:

  • charges, payment plan options and security deposits
  • regulations for providing and receiving electrical service
  • responsibilities of Cooperative Hydro Embrun
  • responsibilities of the customer
  • details that supplement Cooperative Hydro Embrun’s obligations under the Electricity Act, the Ontario Energy Board Act and the Distribution License
Comments? Questions?
Cooperative Hydro Embrun welcomes written comments and questions from its customers regarding these Conditions of Service. Please email, Attention: Conditions of service. Comments will be accepted until Monday May 23rd. 2016.

Conditions of Service – Supporting Documents